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Alan Sumner


Height: 6'4

Weight: 237

Hometown: Baltimore,Maryland

Entrance Music: Coheed And Cambria, Devil in Jersey City

weapon pref.: Steel Chair

wrestlers description: short kinda spikey brown hair,half tights that
say AM on the back or rey myterio like paints that are red, one side
says alan other sumner, one tatoo of link from the legend of zelda on
right arm

entrance description: your basic cocky wrestler entrance, walk out
spread arms apart like randel orton walk down the ramp about half way i run
into the ring and taunt people.

finisher: The Sumner Driver aka modifide michinouku driver starts as in
inverted ddt or suplex, then you lift the guy upand then drop down on
his head

favorite moves: head sissors in to armbar,
hass of pain, blinger splash, single conchairto or double conchairto if
i have a tag team partner,tob rope pheonix splash

EPWA: Extreme Pro Wrestling Alliance