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EPWA: Extreme Pro Wrestling Alliance

EPWA ShopZone
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This is the EPWA ShopZone!

Here you can buy things like a title shot at the next event. You can buy these things and hold them for a later time or you can buy it and use it. To buy and use a ShopZone item you must use the ShopZone Board to do it.
The way you make money is by wrestling in matches. competeing in a match gives you $500 off the bat, if you win thats $1,000 extra. There will be more chances for money in the future.

Title shot-$10,000
Week off-$10,000
Free win-$100,000(Cannot be used in title matches)
Free Promo/Interview-$30,000(I write one for you)
Thats it for now more to come.

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