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EPWA: Extreme Pro Wrestling Alliance

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EPWA Rules

OK first I have to explain the way I run an e-fed. Normally an owner will let the wrestlers develop a fued with whom they choose, which is fine here but not how I usually do things. This fed is revolutionary cause I actually like to do things as if it were a real federation. You will have a "paid salary" which will allow you to buy things from the EPWA ShopZone(look to the page for more details). I like to use a "creative team" and write in angles and storylines. When you join I will have a fued and a stoeyline all set up for you. Don't be afraid to e-mail me if you have any questions about that.
1. No rascist, sexual remarks or anything like that or you will be punished for it. First offence is a suspension, second strike your outta here.
2.Promo/Interview's: A promo is a segment written up by you that involves your character as part of the storyline your in. It could be a video or a segment where he goes somewhere and does something, like a normal RP is what it is. An interview is an interview 'nuff said. There is only one thing though Promos have a 10 line minimum and interviews have a 5 line minimum(unless you get approval for me to do otherwise). These promos and interviews may be used as part of the final show so make 'em good if you want them to "air".
3. No real Wrestlers, please be original.
4. You must give a promo to stay alive in this fed. You should give an interview or a promo once a week even if your not booked. If your returning it would be good to give a promo video the week before so everyone knows whats to come and I'll write it into a storyline.
5. If you fail to do anything for 2 weeks without notice you'll be fired.
6. If you fail to show up to an interview or promo date(post a promo or interview) for 2 shows you will be fined and possibly suspended. If it happens a third time you're fired.
7. Winning in this federation is usually voted on by the creative team soely on how well your promos and interviews are. If your interviews/promos are in line with the story and really welly elaborated you have a chance of winning. If you just come out and say "Grrr, I'm gonna beat you cause you suck, blah, blah, blah..." for a half a page then...well basically it's gonna suck. In you interviews try to talk about your opponent and the match but make it intresting, do what you can. I go by quality not quntity, if you go on and on in an interview or a promo and its like 3 pages long I'm gonna take the time to read it but I really hate reading long promos/interviews cause they tend to get boreing after the first page and a half. Just do your best and if you want to write a promo/interview thats 3 pages long then so be it do it, it shows your dedication level and I like to see that.
8. Don't attack or use another persons wrestler in your promos or interviews without permission.
9. Don't complain about loseing or you just might be released.
10. This is THE RULE for EPWA, HAVE FUN! This is a new and totally original(unless someone has already done it) way of running a fed and I'm hopeing that it will succeed.