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"Amazing" Aaron Frame



Name: Aaron Frame
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160
DOB: August, 18, 1980
Hometown: McKinney, Texas
Style: Highflying
Finisher: Juggalo Star Press
Description: [Aaron hurricanranas his opponent, he then runs and bounces off the ropes. upon comeing close to his opponent on the ground he does a standing Shooting Star Press]
Trademark moves:
1. DDT
2. Hurricanrana
3. gonzo bomb
4. 450 splash
5. Framensteiner-[Aaron puts his opponent on the top rope and jumps up and wraps his legs around his opponenets head and delivers a Framensteiner]
6. Figure 4
7. Arm bar
8. main event sleeper
9. flying elbow
10. moonsault
Theme music: "Chickin Huntin'" by ICP
Entrance: ["Chickin Huntin'" plays as Aaron Frames logo shows on the screen. Pyros shoot off makeing a giant X. Red stobe lights go off in the entrance way and smoke fills the entry. Aaron Frame is seen comeing through the smoke pushing his shopping cart of weapons. There is a Cartman doll sitting on the front of the cart and Aaron pats it before going down the ramp. He rides the cart down till it hits the ring throwing him forward and ontop of the cart. He climbs into the ring mounts the turnbuckle and makes and X with his arms.]
Appearance: Aaron has his face painted like a clown. He also has his hair spiked up in blonde spikes. He wears diffrent ICP and psychopathic record shirts, and always black pants. He wears black vans for shoes.