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The Amazing One
Past Matches


[Camera opens with Aaron sitting in his club "HELLS PIT." He sits at his desk looking ready to speak.]


[Mass cheers can be heard comeing from the club.]

Aaron: I got tired of being this bitchy little prissy ass all-american. It's time I show you all what a real Juggalo I is! The fans boo me? Why? Because I'm associated with ICP? What the fuck? The fans can boo all they want, they can go fuck Lex in the ass for all I care.

[Laughs can be heard from the club.]

Aaron: You hear that? Those are some real Juggalos! They don't fuck around! They ain't some feminem lovein fags! They know who the real deal is. I watched the tape from Sunday. I heard Lex and Steve sayin' some shit, and that don't please me. I'ma have to shove a hatchet in ya'lls heads. Ya'll gonna get your skull crushed by a juggalo for the carnival!

[More cheering.]

Aaron: I'm bringing the dark carnival to SIN. Anyone got a problem with it, you can fuck on! I am through fucking around! Last night, I lost, but it was a win in my book. I got revenge on that fucka, Danzig! And I could give a shit that I lost, fuck it, I proved what I wanted to.

[Yet, more cheering.]

Aaron: Now, I'm sure ya'll are wondering, WHY THE FUCK YOU GONNA GO AN' SLAP A BITCH? You know what she said to me? She said that I ain't ever gonna be shit in SIN. She said that I'm the biggest fuckin' loser and I aint no Juggalo! Bitch had it comin'! Now, I gotta face this "Krissy" next Sunday, an' I'm goin' chikin huntin'!

[Fans in the club are goin' wild.]

Aaron: Krissy, WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU IS? You go an' say that shit to me? I mean I AM usually above hittin' bitches, but when you question me bein a Juggalo, you gonna get yo ass whiped! Don't get me wrong tho, I feel bad on what I did. Seriously, it's against my ethics to hit a juggalette, but I was pissed. But, she aint no Juggalette. So she got what was comeing to her.


Aaron: I don't want to have to go through this match. Not doubting her ability, it's just not in me to wrestle a woman. I have more respect. But if it is so it shall be. Krissy, you are gonna get a WICKIT CLOWN  BEATDOWN!!

[the fans cheer madly as the camera fades.]



OOC: Dear christ sorry for this shit I just couldnt think I really need to get back in the groove of things....its been a while. And sorry for alot of the uh immature shit but hey I'm portraying a Juggalo, what do you expect?